BookCon Main Stage

BookCon will once again clear the Main Stage after each Panel

This year you will be required to scan your Badge in the morning at the end of the line dedicated to the Main Stage Panel you want to see. That Panel will be coded into your Badge and when you arrive back in the Queue Hall in 1C prior to that Panel, you will scan your Badge again for entry into the Main Stage. Our super smart system will know that your spot is reserved.

That’s a quick snapshot so please read this page carefully for full instructions about getting into Panels on the Main Stage at BookCon.

Entering the Queue Hall

HOORAY! It's finally BookCon and you're in the Javits Center. So, what's next? As you enter the building, you'll be ushered by our friendly BookCon Staff into the Queue Hall in Hall 1C. Two big whiteboards will tell you which Main Stage Panels are full and which still have space available.

We anticipate that some Panels will fill up shortly after Fans are let into the building, so please plan accordingly.

You will walk straight past the Main Stage Panel signs to the back of the Queue Hall. BookCon Staff and Security Members will direct you to the left if you want to line up for a Main Stage Panel. If Panels aren't your thing, you will be directed to the right for the line to get onto the Show Floor.

Lining Up For the Panel You Want To See

There are up to five Panels on the Main Stage each day. There are also five individual lines for each of the Main Stage Panels in the Queue Hall. Each line will be clearly labeled with the name of one of the Main Stage Panels for that day. Please make sure you get in line for the Panel that you want to see. BookCon Staff and Security Members will be stationed to assist in making sure you're in the right line for the right Panel.

Enter the line for the Panel you want to see and walk straight to the front (or until you hit the back of the line). Every Fan that gets in line will be counted. Once we hit maximum capacity – based on the number of seats available in the Main Stage – that specific Panel's line will close and we will cap the line. Once that line is capped, there is no more room in the Main Stage for this Panel and no one else will be allowed in line.

There will be no overflow room.

Scanning your Badge to enter a Panel

Every Fan in line will scan their Badge to reserve their space in the specific Panel they want to see.

Badge scanning will occur in the individual Panel lines.

You will receive one Badge scan per Badge and you must be present to receive a Badge scan. A friend or family member cannot have your Badge scanned for you. Our team will scan your Badge using a scanner and this will confirm your space in the Main Stage for the Panel you are in line for.

Please note: If you leave the line for any reason before your Badge is scanned, you may forfeit your place in line and will have to go to the back of the line or may not be allowed back in line based on maximum capacity.

What Happens Next?

Once your Badge is scanned you have three options:

  • You can wait in that Panel line until the Panel begins
  • You can hop in line for another Panel that doesn't have a capped line by exiting the current line you’re in, walking down the center aisle and entering the back of the next Panel line
  • You can hop in line for the Show Floor and enjoy the rest of the Show! We would rather see you out enjoying all that BookCon has to offer instead of waiting in line all day

Getting Back In Line Before the Panel Starts

If you leave the Queue Hall after having your Badge scanned, please arrive 35 minutes prior to the Panel start time to gain entry. Make extra time for yourself and show up early. Sometimes it can take longer to get around than you think.

When you arrive before the Panel begins, head into the same line for that Panel and wait until you are let into the Main Stage. Your will once again scan your Badge in order to gain entry into the Panel line and into the Main Stage.

  • If you scanned your Badge in the morning for that Panel, the scanner will light up green.
  • If you’re sneaky and trying to get in line for a capped Panel without scanning your Badge, the scanner will light up red you will be removed from the line.

This process will be used every day of the Show, but may fluctuate based on the needs of the day. If any changes are made onsite, BookCon Staff and Security will be there to assist with any questions and provide clear instructions. We hope this will allow more Fans to see the Panels they really want to see on the Main Stage.

All Panels are first-come, first-served. If there's a Panel you really want to see we recommend you arrive early and get your Badge scanned for the Panel of your choosing. Once we scan the maximum capacity of Badges and fill all available Panel space, no more Badges will be scanned.

Let's Recap

Whew! We know that was a lot of information to absorb. Here's a quick breakdown to help you remember:

  1. View the signs right inside the Queue Hall to see which Main Stage Panels have reached maximum capacity and which still have space available (and which ones you want to go to!)
  2. Head to the back left of the Queue Hall to line up for the Main Stage Panel you want to see
  3. Wait in line until the BookCon Team asks you to scan your Badge
    • OR: get your Badge scanned as you enter your queue line
  4. If you leave the line after getting your Badge scanned, arrive at least 35 minutes prior to the Panel start time
  5. Head into the same line for that Panel
  6. Make sure your Badge is ready to be scanned when you are let into the Main Stage
  7. Enjoy the Panel

Coming Soon

This process is the same for all Badge types other than VIP Badge Holders.

BookCon will only be clearing the Main Stage. No other Panel rooms inside the Javits Center will be cleared.

Have a great time at BookCon!

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