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10 Fun Facts about Diary of a Wimpy Kid creator Jeff Kinney

It’s a dream come true for Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans: See #1 New York Times bestselling author Jeff Kinney live onstage at BookCon 2018! Then plunge into Greg “Wimpy Kid” Heffley’s latest hilarious misadventures through an interactive walk-through experience of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway, the 12th volume in the wildly popular series from Harry N. Abrams. Kids can win prizes, snap photos with a costumed Wimpy Kid character, get a sneak peek at book 13 (due out October 30th), and much more. And, of course, they can get copies of Kinney’s books! With their charming cartoons, simple language, and all-too-relatable real-kid mishaps, the Wimpy Kid series is a winner with children at many reading levels and perfect for reluctant readers. While you and your family count down the days until BookCon, here are some tasty tidbits even diehard fans might not know about the man who invented “the Cheese Touch!”

Bring your kids to meet Jeff Kinney at BookCon and get a signed copy of his new book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway!

1) Jeff Kinney started drawing at age three. His first creation? A turtle.

2) Like Greg Heffley, Jeff Kinney loved to play jokes and tell funny stories when he was a kid.

3) Before deciding to become a cartoonist, Kinney considered a career in law enforcement.

4) When he was a college student, Jeff Kinney created a comic called Igdoof for the University of Maryland’s campus newspaper. He enjoyed it so much that he decided to be a professional cartoonist, but syndicates rejected his work because the drawings weren’t “sophisticated” enough.

5) He worked on the first Wimpy Kid book for almost eight years and published it in daily installments on before it became a book in 2007.

6) More than 70,000 kids read the online version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid every day.

7) There are more than 200 million copies of the Wimpy Kid series in print in countries around the world.

8) The books are available in 56 languages.

9) Jeff Kinney was named one of TIME magazine's 100 most influential people in the world.

10) Jeff Kinney lives with his wife and two sons in Massachusetts, where they own a bookstore called An Unlikely Story.

Treat your kids to a real-life getaway—a visit to BookCon. They’ll love the interactive Wimpy Kid exhibit, where Jeff Kinney’s stories come to life!